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We are a small interior design studio established in 2019 by two friends, Maggie and Ivan. Maggie has more than 15 years of experience in interior design and bespoke furniture while Ivan's experience is in management consulting and finance.


The practice was established based on three underlying principles that we strive to follow:

1. Transparency

We treat you as an integral part of our team. This means we will let you know of any risks or issues before you commit to any work with us and keep you informed along the way.

2. Quality takes priority over commercials

Commercials are important to sustain the practice but we will never compromise our values and standards because of them. We will work with you to achieve the optimal outcome as close as possible to your design idea, we don't overpromise.

3. Long-term relationship over short-term gain

We aim at building lasting, trust-based relationships with everyone we work with. This means that that we will work with you in a friendly and flexible way and price our services in a way that fairly reflects the effort and complexity of the work we deliver.



Creative Director

Maggie looks after the end-to-end interior design service and ensures our collection of furniture suppliers is aligned to our standards.

Ivan Portrait.jpg


Commercial Director

Looks after contracts, pricing, and ensures that our business model and processes are aligned to our values.

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