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Northwest Scotland Office

Status: In progress

Property: Commercial office

Style: Modern

Services: Interior design


  • Create a space that is conducive to employees interacting and working together. The office is located near the fish sides so workers can go and check the sites and come back to the office within a few hours.

  • Fun break area to incorporate space to eat, rest, and do some group activities.

  • Rooms to hold conferences and meetings with enough storage for paperwork, and a coffee / tea station. 

  • Space for a feed centre to observe the development of the production and a hosting room for servers and IT equipment.

  • Changing room that's easy to clean.


  • Very old building that was not refurbished in over 20 years with a limiting interior layout creating a few odd-shaped rooms that could not be used;

  • Sockets and internet points placed on the walls only, forcing all desks to be placed by the walls - not an efficient use of the space.  


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