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Scottish Bungalow

Status: In progress delivered in multiple phases

Property: Two-bedroom, single floor house

Design style: Mixed - contemporary, cosy, industrial accents

Services: Interior and furniture design, building works, bespoke wardrobes, kitchen, and office furniture


  • Full redesign and refresh of the house

  • Self-sufficient garage extension for guests to work and stay for extended periods of time

  • Additional worktop kitchen space with a separated sunroom suitable for having meals and for home working

  • The living room is used for relaxing, reading, and watching TV

  • Maximise storage in both bedrooms with the master bedroom used by both partners

Client review

"I am delighted with the terrific outcome of the building works from Artisia.

From the initial design, discussions and comprehensive project management the works were a positive experience.
The projects were delivered on time and on budget and, with a transparent approach to billing, there were no surprises in the final costs.

More importantly, the workmanship is of an extremely high standard with an excellent attention to detail. Additionally, the furniture and fittings that were supplied for the kitchen and bedroom are impressive.

I am more than happy to recommend Artisia."



Before & After

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